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Plant Grow Tent

indoor grow tent

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indoor grow tent
indoor grow tent.
Plant Grow tents offer you an excellent solution to minimize your growing space while reflecting and maximizing every little bit of your lighting so it is focused on your plants-not the outside. Our high quality reflective and light-tight inner sheeting assure you of this. You'll find our tents to be well made to last years, and easy to assemble into a very sturdy structure. Venting and roll up viewing windows come in different configurations, depending on which model size you select as perfect for you. Hanging rails and various framing connect points allow you to customize and fine tune your setup to your exact liking.

indoor grow tent
1.Promote the output efficiency of growing and the high-quality zipper design with black lining makes a light-proof seal.
2.Canvas and double stitched to ensures the light blocking and the metal poles structure with safety design that support the light kits well is easy to install with the canvas.
3.Easy and clean window design makes it easy to peek inside and helps you to monitor your plants anytime. The storage bag is convenient for you to keep the tools and accessories organized.
4.Simple and fast to install without tools even if you've never done something like this before. The package includes the user-friendly and professional instruction well.


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indoor grow tent