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Plant Grow Tent

grow tent kits

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grow tent kits
grow tent kits

Why buy a plant grow tents?
1.Plant growth tent can better control all kinds of factors of plant growth: temperature, humidity, light and lighting, so as to make plants grow better and healthier! The plant tent can plant many kinds of plants indoors, which is not affected by the region。
2.The plant growth tent is an independent indoor space, which allows you to create a perfect environment with strong growth and good health, which is conducive to the cultivation of hemp plants. Its function is like a growth box, the plant growth tent is softer and lighter. 

Q1. Why use growth tent?
A: to put it simply, controlling your indoor environment is very important to get
The rate of return you want. The first line of defense in environmental control is inclusion
Your garden is in a closed space - it's what growing tent is right
Q2. Can I order some samples for our test?
A: Yes, provide prototype services. But the price of the sample will be higher than its price
Body price
Q3. Is it waterproof?
A: Yes, but we don't recommend using this outside
Q4. How is this delivered?
A: Our products will be in the ordinary box of our factory, with the printed size of this project on it.
Q5. Can you make custom design and size?
A: Yes, ODM & OEM is available.
grow tent kits
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