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Plant Grow Tent

4x4 grow tent

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plant grow tents.

Product Type:Hydroponics growing tent
Material:Mylar, metal, plastic
FabricType:600D mylar oxford composite cloth
Frame:Powder coated matelic 16mm dia poles with heavy-duty plastic corners
Feature:Water-proof, fire-proof, light weight, hot exhaustion
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Why plant growth tents?
1. Plant growth tent can better control all kinds of factors of plant growth: temperature, humidity, light and lighting, so as to make plants grow better and healthier! The plant tent can plant many kinds of plants indoors, which is not affected by the region
2. The plant growth tent is an independent indoor space, which allows you to create a perfect environment with strong growth and good health, which is conducive to the cultivation of hemp plants. Its function is like a growth box, the plant growth tent is softer and lighter. The plant growth tent is made of 1680D litchi pattern reflective Oxford fabric. The density is better than any other growth tent. It is more durable, quieter, more powerful, safer and easy to create a high-quality plant growth environment. The plant tent can effectively block the entry of pests by using microgrid. The plant growth tent is easy to assemble, and its 360 ° surround door is convenient to view every corner of the plant growth space.

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