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Plant Grow Lamp

Full spectrum uv three panel grow lamp.

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The plant grow lamp detail.
1.Install the fastening screws on the lamps.
2.Put the lanyard into the fixing screw on the lamp.
3.Fix the lamp and lanyard to the wall
4. Connect the power supply and the controller.
The wires at the power
input end are red (L), blue (N), and yellow and green are the ground wires
5. Press the black code matching button on the controller, press any key
on the remote control, when the indicator on the controller flashes,
it means the code matching is successful, press the black button on the
controller again to indicate the code matching on the control box The light
is off, the code is over, please use the remote control to control the light.
grow lamp
product description
1.Extruded A6063 aluminum with higher heat dissipation guarantees longer lifetime of LED.
2.Sosen brand LED driver is used, with 3 years warranty 3.LED chip brand is Samsung or San'an. Main wavelength is 660nm, which is most helpful to plant photosynthesis.
4.Intelligent remote control is available to adjust photon flux density & time at different stages of plant growth.
grow lamp
Product details advantages:
1. Large heat dissipation area.
2. The attenuation of the lamp beads is smaller and the service life is longer.
3. Less light loss, higher utilization efficiency.
4. The area of the light emitting surface of the radiator is enlarged
5. Can adjust the luminous intensity ratio of the threeway lamp beads.
grow lamp

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