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Full spectrum led grow lights For Indoor Plants, Vegetables & Flowers Performs extremely well in cloning, vegetative and flowering
cycle Changes 1000w HID light. Premium quality smd 3030 led chips Utilize for all stages of plant development Complete range 380-780nm Advanced
LED Drivers for Higher Performance Eliminates A/C in many expand rooms as a result of really reduced warmth outcome Without Fan, the use-life
longer. Eco-friendly (No Mercury) Five foot Power Cord in 110v US with 220v as well as Global Plugs Available Optimum
120 ° flexible for every bar.
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Complete Range LED Grow Light bar for Indoor Plant kingdom, Vegetables and Flowers. Performs Very Well in All Stages of Growth. Get
Higher Returns With Quality LEDs Full Range and also Shade Select Feature 1m x 1m Optimum Insurance Coverage High Performance and also Low Warm
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Consumption Power:1000W
PPF (µmol/s):1663.36umol/s
Ratio:full spectrum
Beam Angle:120
Product size:L890mm X W410mm X H300 mm (39.37in x 39.37in x 4.64inch)
Material:Aluminum+ PC lens + PC cover
Application:Indoor Growing/Greenhouse
Report and Certificates:All Certificates for commercial growing, LM-79, IES,ISTMT, TM-21,ETL