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Why tree planting bags promote healthy root systems in trees?

Time:2021-06-15 10:49

With the effects of global warming, the melting of our Antarctic and Arctic glaciers and rising levels, the main cause of this phenomenon is that the number of trees is decreasing year by year, and the Australian rainforest, known as the "lungs of the earth", is gradually decreasing by one soccer field per day.
Whether you like planting trees, or you are a roadside tree-planting worker, we have the most recommended "tree planting bags". We are a manufacturer of planting bags, and we have many years of research experience, we have been studying how to make our plants grow better and better to reduce the earth's carbon dioxide, although this is only a small thing, but we work together and try to improve the earth's environment for sure.
If you are a tree grower, you should take a look at our tree planting bags. A very healthy root system means the tree is healthy more than any other factor, and it can determine how fast the plant grows, how long it takes to sell it, and how well it survives.
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Burlap vs. cloth bags vs. tree planting bags
If the coarse burlap and cloth bag method is used, 50-80% of the plant's roots will be cut off during collection. The severity of root damage depends on the type of tree and the operator of the tree spade. Our research shows that the mortality rate after a burlap vs. sack transplant is about 25%, while trees grown in tree grow bags will still retain more than 80% of the root ball at harvest, meaning that the tree's roots are not hovering at the bottom.
Bagged trees produce a rich source of fiber throughout the root ball. After transplanting, these fibers provide more energy in the form of carbohydrates and nutrients. This leads to faster lateral origin growth and leads to growth that gives you healthy origins. Because the Portable Origins Ball consists of a percentage of soil, the weight of the trees grown in the textile bag is two-thirds lighter than the ball and burlap example. There is also much less soil loss per tree.
No root wrap in above-ground fabric container
As the roots approach the edge of the fabric bag, the air dries out the root tips, causing them to dry out. In turn, this causes the roots to branch and become fibrous. This process is called "air pruning" and promotes fibrous roots throughout the root ball. It also prevents undesired root winding.
Since many fibrous roots are produced during the transplanting or strengthening process, the bagged tree will experience a growth spurt in the first year. After that, the plants grow normally and show the best survival rate compared to other planting methods. With proper care and the right amount of water and nutrients, a bagged tree has a much higher survival rate. This is because its healthy root system is not intertwined - which is the biggest problem with growing plants in plastic containers.
Healthy roots allow trees to rejuvenate more quickly after transplanting. With anchoring roots and top growth quickly established, your customers will see first-hand the healthy and rapid growth of the tree.
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Other benefits of tree planting bags
Lower labor costs. A small, efficient crew can harvest more trees per day.
Lower equipment costs. For some growers, all you need is a shovel. Some people also use fork blades or other accessories for skid steer loaders.
Lower transportation costs. With smaller root balls, more trees can be stacked on the truck.
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How should we buy grow bags?
We are a manufacturer of grow bags, if you are a seller who needs to plant trees in a large area or a store, you can choose us and we will give you the best price and the most satisfactory service. If you just want to grow one or two trees by yourself at home, we suggest you to buy from a nearby store or go to Alibaba, Amazon, Global Sources, Made in China, ebay and other big platforms to buy them with package shipping to your home, which is more favorable.
Whether you're just starting out with a woodlot or prefer to grow two favorite trees or fruit trees at home, a planting bag is the best choice. It can provide you with twice as many trees per acre. Not only does it have a healthy root system, it also reduces costs and increases survival rates. A shovel and many planting bags can construct a woodland. That's why, without exception, a large number of tree farmers choose "tree planting bags" every day.
We hope everyone can actively plant trees, even if you don't use tree planting bags. The crisis of global warming has come, and we hope everyone can contribute a weak power.

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