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A brief description of the benefits of using felt grow bags

Time:2021-08-16 16:02

Today we will explain about the grow bags made of felt material.

Benefits of felt grow bags.
1. Root system is not easy to surround the growth: long because of the special reinforced polypropylene material wall can let some roots penetrate, and then limit the root growth thickness, so that the fibrous roots are well developed, no coiled root phenomenon, no different from the field planting. 
2. Small ball of soil and not easy to loose: This system has a large number of fibrous roots inside the bag, so the ball of soil is smaller than the traditional method, and the ball of soil is not easy to loose when transplanting, especially for trees planted in sandy soil. 
3. Transplanting is fast and easy, and the transplanting season is greatly extended: the roots of trees planted with this bag do not grow downward, and only a few lateral roots through the side reinforced polypropylene material need to be cut off for transplanting, and only a few lateral roots need to be cut off with simple tools. Felt planting bags have entered the public eye.
Felt grow bags are made of synthetic fiber needle-punched felt non-woven fabric, with light quality, high strength, excellent UV resistance, long durability, breathable and water permeable, and are the most advantageous right-hand man for horticultural seedling operators. Felt growing bag can reduce a number of costs and obtain excessive economic benefits; no need to use expensive porcelain potting soil and irrigation equipment, and more labor-saving and time-saving; plants planted in the growing bag can be transported at any time and place, without additional packaging costs; compared with traditional planting, it can reduce 25% of the soil ball, and normal transportation is not damaged; no need for skilled workers to break the root transplant, ordinary workers can transplant cultivation It has a high survival rate, and can save water requirement, reduce daily maintenance and promotion costs.
Product features: root increase; root control Promote plant growth, make the plant survival rate high, easy to transplant.
Usage: Piece type, with needle felt non-woven fabric, each piece has staggered connection points on both sides, which can be connected by inserting rods, the diameter can be freely assembled according to customers' needs, the height can be produced according to customers' requirements, and the assembly is extremely convenient.

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