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Usage and function of fabric grow bags

Time:2021-06-09 10:40

We are a manufacturer and supplier of plant grow bags, and our products are sold directly from the factory, so you can enjoy the lowest wholesale prices. Today we are going to talk about "Fabric Grow Bags".
What is a fabric grow bag?
It can improve the overall quality and beauty of your garden and help your plants grow healthily, and they are a simple, easy to use, and inexpensive product that can quickly help you improve your garden.
Fabric grow bags are pots made of a breathable BPA-free material, usually made of double-layered polypropylene. These products have a soft, felt-like texture. Although light in weight, fabric grow bags are ideal for growing a variety of plants. The material acts as a physical barrier to protect delicate root systems from disease, pests and harsh weather conditions. Fabric bags are best used for growing most types of vegetables and they also come in different sizes. We recommend these for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers or sweet peppers and green beans.
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Air circulation for self-circulating air
Planting bags are usually made of felt or other non-woven fabrics and pressed fabrics with small holes to allow free air circulation. This free-flowing air benefits the roots, allowing them to absorb water and nutrients from the soil more efficiently. In traditional plastic, ceramic or terra cotta pots, the roots of the plants grow outward and touch the edges of the container. When this happens, the roots are not used effectively, thus limiting the plants' ability to absorb nutrients. Plants grown in traditional pots are also susceptible to temperature shock in warm weather because the surface of the pot absorbs more heat.
Growing bags encourage plants to prune themselves. When the plant's roots come in contact with the air pockets, the plant will automatically prune the roots and form side shoots. The plant then forms a strong, fibrous root system, which allows for a larger surface of root hairs. If you want to transplant some plants that were previously grown in traditional containers, you can break the root system to promote growth. Some fragile plants may not grow well if the roots break, so make sure you know which plants do not tolerate this.
Accompanying planting
Companion planting is done in grow bags to encourage mixed plant growth. In a small "ecosystem" like a grow bag, sister plants have a complex mixture of roots and soil microbes that help each other feed.
Easy watering
Planting bags take the guesswork out of watering plants. The pressed fabric has small holes and pores that allow excess water to drain. While grow bags reduce the chance of over-watering, there is still a risk of waterlogged plants. As air circulates freely throughout the grow bag, the soil may dry out quickly. Make sure to water regularly.
Mobility and durability
Planting bags are perfect for gardens of all sizes, both indoors and outdoors. You can start plants in smaller grow bags and move them to larger grow bags as they mature. Planting bags are predicted to last 7 to 8 seasons, but with proper care they can last much longer. The fabric of the grow bags is pressed together, rather than woven, which increases their durability. Grow bags can be cut without damaging their structure. It can be grown not only on the top of the grow bag, but also on the sides of the bag.
Vertical Growing System
A good vertical grow bag allows for a nutrient-rich garden system. If you have multiple grow bags, you can stack or stack them on top of each other. When you water the plants on top, nutrients flow out of the top bag and create a layering effect in the bag below. These systems can be irrigated with PVC tubing or watered manually.
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Starting your own grow bag is easy, you only need a few things.
  • Organic soil
  • Starter fat
  • Water
  • Grow bags
  • Seeds or plants
  • Sunny location
  • All natural potting mix
Start your grow bag.
  • Fill with enough organic soil to leave a few inches of space for your plants to allow water to seep into the root system.
  • Wet the soil and mix with fertilizer to prepare your plants.
  • Plant your plants or plant your seeds
  • Fertilize your plants every four to six weeks to make sure they get the nutrients they need.
The Bad
  • While grow bags are a good alternative to traditional containers, there are still some issues that may need to be addressed.
  • If a seed happens to land on your plant, or if a bird or other creature scatters a seed in your garden
  • You may need to weed.
  • You may need to prepare for pests such as aphids, worms and other insects. Vermicompost is a good organic solution to deter pests. These manures will mix into your soil and make your plants less tasty to unwanted visitors to your garden.
fabric grow bags in china,fabric grow bags manufacturers
Fabric grow bags are quite good, but used improperly, even if it is powerful, it is useless. If you want to grow the perfect plants, you can base on your own experience or look up some better books, you have to learn how to grow the plants themselves and improve their survival rate, and then use the fabric grow bags according to what you have learned, to be able to make your plants survive better and grow the perfect green organic food.

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