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The best guide to growing strawberries in grow bags in 2021

Time:2021-06-21 11:04

Do you like plant growing?

There are many pleasures in life that I can't imagine, and my pleasure is just to grow some strawberries, vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plants in this piece of gardening, for me these are my pleasures, today I'll share how to grow strawberries?
strawberry grow bags

What kind of containers are used to grow strawberries?

We can choose some containers that are suitable for growing strawberries, such as: pots, grow bags, hanging baskets.
If you want to keep it simple and still have a good chance of success, I suggest you go with grow bags because you just don't have to plant a lot of plants in one small bag and it will basically work. Strawberries are the ones that need fertile enough soil and water to grow by keeping the soil moist.
Strawberry pots do not provide the ideal environment for your plants, require more frequent watering, and it is difficult to keep the top and bottom of the pot evenly moist. However, they do look attractive and if you make the effort, they will produce a reasonable harvest.
Hanging baskets are another attractive option, but may represent the harshest environment for strawberry plants. The large surface area exposed to the elements can cause very rapid water loss, making even watering a problem.

Strawberry varieties in containers

There are no strawberry plant varieties bred specifically for growing in containers. However, it is best to grow early strawberry varieties in pots, containers and hanging baskets, as they will mature early in the year and avoid some of the hottest weather. This will slightly reduce their need for watering. Reviews of recommended early fruit varieties can be found here.

How to grow strawberries in containers?

Growing strawberry plants in containers is a simple operation that involves filling the container with compost, initial watering and planting to the correct depth.
However, before you can start planting, you will need to purchase strawberry plants. You have four options: traditional runners, refrigerated runners, misting tips, and potted plants. A detailed discussion of each of them and the various pros and cons can be found on our page here.

The steps for growing strawberries are

Fill the container with compost. The growing bags are pre-filled with compost, so there is no need to do anything with them. Individual pots and hanging baskets should be filled with good quality universal potting compost near the top. There are several formulations for mixing different composts, but there is no evidence that they perform better than regular all-purpose potting compost. Strawberry seeders should initially be filled only to the height of the first grow bag.
Water the container and let it absorb water for about half an hour.
Growing strawberry plants in containers is no different from growing them in open spaces. The important point they need to note is that they should be covered with compost for the roots, but not for the crown of the plant. This is discussed in detail and pictured on our growing page, which can be found here.
For strawberry growers, as you plant each pocket, fill the next pocket with more compost, then plant again and continue planting until all pockets are planted.
Taking care of the strawberries in the containers

Watering is the most difficult aspect of growing strawberries in containers. They need moist soil, but standing water must be avoided at all costs, as this can cause the plants to rot. Frequent watering is the solution.
Feed the plants with tomato fertilizer twice a week, starting in May, until all the fruits are harvested. Remove all old leaves after fruiting stops, leaving only the leaves near the center of the plant. In winter, move containers and hanging baskets to a protected space in the garden.
Plant growing is what I enjoy. If you enjoy it too, contact us to discuss and learn from each other.
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