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Potatoes grown in grow bags can be harvested after three months

Time:2021-07-16 09:29

Many people think that potatoes are so cheap, so why grow your own? You can grow all kinds of potatoes yourself. You don't have to plant them in the yard. You can grow it in containers.

Potatoes are a great vegetable and can last for months if stored properly. Some homegrown potatoes taste better and are more nutritious. If you want to grow potatoes, you can just pick some of your favorite varieties and plant them in some good grow bags, drained bags.

The best time to plant potatoes is the end of March. Plant them in pots and harvest them in three or four months.

Potatoes can be placed in a warm place a week before planting. Let the potatoes sprout. When the buds grow to one or two centimeters high, dig out large pieces for planting. Cut potatoes should be left to replant for two or three days to allow the wounds to heal. Cut potatoes are about 5 cm wide and have at least two bud openings each.

You need to prepare some larger growing sacks that are about 10 gallons or more in size. Do not use some sacks that are too small for cultivation, except to make sure that there are drainage holes at the bottom, you can poke a few holes and add 1 /3 loose soil.

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The next step is to place the sack in a sunny place. After full sun, sprouting potatoes can be planted in advance with some preservative to avoid fungal diseases. Plant small sprouted potatoes 4 to 5 cm below the soil. When finished, cover the soil and irrigate thoroughly.

When the potato plants reach a height of 18-20 cm, add more soil and straw to the bag to retain moisture and ensure more fertile soil. As the potatoes grow taller, lift the bag and continue adding

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Soil, to ensure that the soil has sufficient fertility, in addition to regular watering, the soil should be slightly moist, but not too wet, to maintain a certain level of moisture in the soil and not allow it to become waterlogged.

Later, you should pay attention to 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day to keep the environment ventilated and light. You can sprinkle some straw on the surface of the soil. Also pay attention to replenish thin fertilizer every one to two weeks. The concentration should not be too high.

After 2-3 months, the leaves will slowly turn yellow and the leaves will slowly wilt. This is when you stop watering. Let them sit for a few weeks. When the branches are completely wilted, you can harvest the potatoes.

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Potato grow bags, they are very loose and breathable. They will be cheaper than planters because these bags or grow bags are deep enough. Very good for growing potatoes.

In addition to covering the soil with straw, you can also use straw instead. This is to retain moisture and keep the roots cool, which is very good for potato growth.