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Non-woven seedling bag tips

Time:2021-08-13 15:29

Non-woven nursery bags are the upgraded products of plastic nursery bags. It completely overcomes the four major shortcomings of plastic seedling collection bags. With its good water melting, soil melting and air permeability, it has achieved excellent results in seedling production. The effect is widely used in agriculture, forestry, fruits, vegetables, flowers, tobacco seedlings, etc. Seedlings cultivated with non-woven nursery bags have short growth cycle, fast emergence, good quality, labor-saving and low production cost. Seedlings can be planted directly without unpacking the bag, and the survival rate is high.
Non-woven seedling bags are the best choice for large nursery bases and seedlings!
A, non-woven seedling bag and plastic nutrient bowl comparison analysis
1, non-woven nursery bags completely solve the plastic nutrient bowl seedling roots can not penetrate the container wall and caused by the set of roots, crooked roots, fine roots, rotten roots and other undesirable consequences. Nursery. Thus effectively improve the seedling breeding in a variety of resistance and growth rate, greatly reducing the probability of seedlings evolving into "small old trees" due to poor root growth environment.
2, non-woven seedling bags cultivate seedlings with high survival rate, can be directly afforestation, high efficiency. On the contrary, plastic nutrition bowls must be torn off the bag when planting seedlings, which not only causes environmental pollution, but also damages the root system of seedlings. In addition, tearing off the container is equivalent to planting fallen seedlings, which significantly reduces the survival rate. Seedlings grown in the same hard plastic seedling containers as plastic nutrient bowls (e.g. plastic pots, plug trays) must be recycled in the reforestation process. The operation procedure is cumbersome and increases the cost of recycling. The growth environment has changed and the survival rate has been greatly reduced. However, container seedlings grown in non-woven seedling bags do not have similar problems in the afforestation process and do not require container recycling. At the same time, non-woven container seedlings have no rooting phenomenon and form a peculiar effect after planting: once the seedlings enter the soil, they grow directly, avoiding the crouching period. The root system of the seedling is formed by cutting the roots in the non-woven container. Upon entering the soil, the healing tissue roots explosively and the above-ground parts grow rapidly. This is something that is not possible with other types of nursery containers currently available. These root segments that expose the outer wall of the container and form healing tissues continuously supply nutrients to the inside, creating a physiological state ready for take-off and greatly increasing the survival rate of reforestation.
3, the realization of seedling technology operation process integration, that is, live or cuttings and other kinds of seedling link in the same container to complete, until the mountain planting, efficiency greatly improved.
4、As China gradually enters the era of non-woven balanced root container seedling afforestation, it can effectively improve the quality of China's plantation forests, improve forest health and increase production, increase carbon sinks and reduce carbon emissions. 
B, non-woven seedling bags and lightweight substrate seedling net bag comparison analysis
1, cost savings: compared with the light substrate seedling net bag, mechanism non-woven seedling bag has all the advantages of the natural development of the root system in the current non-woven container seedling (air root repair, direct planting in the bag), etc., while having the advantage of low cost; on the contrary, the cost of light substrate seedling net bag is relatively high. To oil tea seedlings with light substrate seedling net bag, for example, the caliber 4.8, height 9 of the light substrate seedling net bag price is generally about 0.16 yuan. Seedling farmers in the field to buy also need to pay high freight costs. In addition, non-woven seedling bags are lighter in weight than light seedling net bags, and the logistics and transportation costs are low after the customer places an order. In addition, non-woven nursery bags with this mechanism can adjust their own nursery soil according to local natural resources, seedling cultivation requirements and local precipitation, making it better adapted to nursery requirements. On the contrary, the light weight seedling container mesh bags on the market are hollow and bottomless. In the early stage of seedling growth, seedlings must buy plastic seedling tray supporting the use of the seedlings to fully embody the characteristics of light seedling net bags, resulting in seedling farmers pre-investment. The cost is too large. 
2, simple operation: when using the mechanism of non-woven seedling bags, only need to prepare the nutrient soil, can be directly loaded into the bag to use. Very convenient and flexible, while the light substrate seedling net bags need to prepare the water tank, sterilization potion and other light substrate seedling net. The bag will be thoroughly soaked and soaked, and then manually cut into the required specifications, the process is cumbersome, and the early seedling dry climate or overwintering, easy to cause the container substrate dry and water shortage (because most of the existing lightweight net bags using light humus straw and Northeast peat energy raw material configuration), the container evaporation, rapid water loss, the initial seedling management requirements are extremely strict; In addition, lightweight seedling net bags are hollow bottomless, seedling The initial period should be watered frequently. To keep the substrate moist, it needs to be covered with grass curtain after watering thoroughly if necessary. Management is very troublesome and not suitable for ordinary seedling farmers.
3, complete specifications: this light matrix seedling net bag is expensive, the initial investment is large, and the daily shipment of a single unit of equipment is small. In addition, the size of its production is also very limited, basically within 6CM caliber. If the production of larger sizes of light-based seedling net bag, in addition to slow production speed, the existing light-based seedling net bag equipment is also very limited. Difficult for seedling farmers and seedling bases to produce qualified large-size finished set bags.
On the contrary, non-woven seedling bags can be produced in various sizes according to the needs of seedling time (currently, they can be produced with a diameter of 5CM-20CM after filling the soil). Take oil tea seedlings as an example. At present, the state actively advocates the planting of second-year oil tea seedlings. If a light substrate nursery net bag with a diameter of 10CM and a height of 15CM is used to cultivate second-year oil tea seedlings, the cost of a single set bag is about 0.4 yuan. The non-woven nursery bags produced by our company can control the cost to about 0.15 yuan. It is very suitable for large area seedling cultivation.
We hope we will continue our R&D and innovation to better bring tangible convenience and benefits to seedlings and seedling bases, and grow and expand together with seedling farmers!