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Why green plants should be planted with non-woven planting bags?

Time:2021-07-29 11:17

Non-woven bags believe that we are not unfamiliar with it, we generally see the non-woven bags are used in shopping, but why green plants with non-woven planting bags, the next we will understand why green plants with non-woven planting bags.
First of all, non-woven planting bags (also called "green plant bags") breathable, compared to plastic bags, conducive to planting, but also conducive to the growth of plants, planting bags have pc material and non-woven, non-woven water permeable and breathable super good planting does grow well, but not for indoor . Why is conducive to plant growth it, because the planting bag retains enough root system, plant transplants are not easy to flabby, and non-woven planting bags are made of strong polypropylene material, high strength, can effectively prevent plant roots from growing outward and around, but also to ensure the good growth of the roots.
Secondly, non-woven planting bags are environmentally friendly, period not transplanted, non-woven bags will naturally decay, will not harm the environment, non-toxic, non-irritating, not moldy, does not contain other chemical ingredients, stable performance.
Next, the general price of non-woven bags is low, for greenery companies, large quantities of planting if plastic pots are used. Ceramic pots and other containers are expensive, which reduces the cost of cultivation. With non-woven planting bags and the later transplanting and maintenance is also easy to handle, the average person using ordinary methods can be completed. With plastic pots, transplanting technology will be relatively high, but also to hire professional planting people, so that the cost of growth
Finally, plants often have to be transplanted, the use of non-woven planting bags transplant success rate will be higher, so that the plants are transplanted as intact as possible, without too much pruning of plants, making the survival rate and quality has been greatly improved.
The same non-woven planting bags also have some disadvantages, such as easy weathering and decomposition when used outdoors, and easy leakage when there is little soil. But compared to the advantages, this disadvantage in the process of some use can also be used, such as some do root culture, with non-woven planting bags is a very good choice!
There are many kinds of non-woven planting bags, such as floor-mounted, wall-mounted. Application scenarios such as: greening projects, hotels, flower nursery nursery production, offices, home gardening, balcony garden, shopping malls
This belongs to the wall-mounted greenery being wall bag
ono-woven planting bags
1. What is the material of your plant bag? Will be broken after a long time?
     Our plant bags are made of non-woven material, generally used outdoors for 3-5 years.
2. How is it fixed on the wall?
     We have fixed eyes all around the plant bag, buy back with nails, rope hooks can be fixed, very convenient!
3. Will there be water seepage? Leakage? What if the walls are afraid of moisture?
     Generally in outdoor planting, the wall is not afraid of wet, non-woven plant bag itself has a certain water absorption function, small area planting is not necessary to do waterproof, large area planting or indoor planting if you are afraid of wet walls, we can add a waterproof cloth to you on the back, so you will not be afraid of wet.