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How to plant apples in plant growth bags

Time:2021-03-09 17:11

How to plant apples in plant growth bags
How to plant apples in plant growth bags
1. Apple seeds planted in growth bags should meet the following conditions:
a. Strengthen the management of soil fertilizer and water, control nitrogen and increase potassium, apply more organic fertilizer, increase foliar spraying + guaguozhuangdiling, cover grass or grass in orchards with conditions, improve the content of soil organic matter in orchards, and change flood irrigation to drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation or infiltration irrigation.
b. Reasonable pruning, canopy must be ventilated and transparent, tree structure is good, branch group is strong, equipment is reasonable, load is moderate.
c. In order to ensure that the apple seeds grow well in the growth bag, the flower and fruit thinning must be carried out. When the apple seeds are put on the plant growth bag, Red Fuji apple must be thin into single fruit, central fruit, branch fruit and drooping fruit.
d. Pest control. Then put the apple seeds into the growth bag, the fruit will not contact with medicine and fertilizer, which is easy to cause diseases and insect pests and nutrient deficiency. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the control of diseases and insect pests and apple seed planting. During this period, insecticide and micro fertilizer + guaguozhuangdiling were sprayed at least twice to ensure that the fruits were free from diseases and pests and absorbed trace elements such as calcium, boron, iron and zinc.
2. The period and method of bagging apple seeds
a. Bagging should be carried out in late June and completed in early July. In this way, the fruit dropping period in June has ended, the fruit quality is obvious, the degree of stem lignification and pericarp aging increase, and the fruit is not easy to be damaged. At the same time, the exposure time is long, the pest control time is long, the pest damage and virtual disease are less.
b. Methods of planting apple seeds in growth bag: put the two corners of the lower part of the bag flat, blow air into the bag, open the bag, put the bag mouth tie line with the left hand, the longitudinal opening downward, put the fruit stalk in the longitudinal opening back to the base, hang the fruit in the bag (do not let the fruit rub with the bag, do not put the branches and leaves into the bag), fold the bag mouth horizontally, and finally clamp the folding bag mouth with tie line at the bag mouth.
3. Time and method of bag carrying:
a. If the fruit is picked about 30 days before harvest, if it is picked too early, the fruit will be exposed for a long time, which will lead to sunburn, ring rot and poor color. If it is too late, the sugar content is low, the taste is light, and it is easy to fade after harvest. If we only consider color, we can make some bags later (20 days before harvest).
b. Methods: first take out the outer bag, then take out the inner bag. It's best to remove the outer bag on cloudy days. Generally, when the temperature difference between inside and outside of the bag is small, the outer bag should be taken out from 10 am to 4 pm, and the inner bag should be taken out after 5-7 days in sunny days. When picking the inner bag, the tree crown should be picked from 10 am to 12 am in the East and north directions, and 2 pm to 4 pm in the West and south directions, so as to reduce the occurrence of sunburn. When picking the bag, you should hold the fruit in one hand, untie the tie line of the bag mouth in the other hand, and then tear open the outer bag to load the bag from top to bottom, so as to prevent the fruit from falling.
How to plant apples in plant growth bags
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