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Custom non woven 5 gallon fabric plants grow bags

Time:2021-06-04 10:45

Product name:non woven 5 gallon fabric plants grow bags
Material:plant fiber
Color:black or custom
Usage:plant grow
Weight:based on size and thickness
fabric plants grow bags
That grow bags in the end how to use it?
Planting bags, also known as planting bags, the United States planting bags, is the use of new container cultivation technology, imported soil and water protection special synthetic fiber non-woven fabric manufacturing, fabric production formula is reasonable, strong tensile strength. Cultivation of various seedling products with planting bags, low cost, high efficiency, sturdy and durable, strong permeability, save water, moisture and fertilizer, good insulation, so that the tree grows green; not affected by seasonal climate (especially for the northern arid rain and desert planting than the usual environment planting survival rate is higher, the role of more obvious); at the same time, seedling products transplanted throughout the year root system integrity, to ensure high survival rate of transplants, can achieve the seedlings The advantages of the expected growth! Specifications: 45*35cm; 55*45cm, etc. The price range generally varies from $3 to $15. The selection method of tree bag specifications is as follows: from the height of the tree type and the depth of the roots. 2: from the size of the soil ball to consider: the general ball of soil below 70CM choose the caliber of the bag than the ball of soil 5CM to 10CM, the ball of soil more than 75CM.
fabric plants grow bags
Advantages and disadvantages of plant growth bags
Pros: breathable, flexible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and harmless, cheap and environmentally friendly, low cost, high efficiency, sturdy and durable, permeable, save water, moisturizing and fertilizing, good insulation.
Disadvantages: the value of the face is not high, the bag is soft, permeability is too good, need to water the plants often.
Overall, the plant grow bag is your second choice for planting plants and trees, and his advantages are obvious, and the disadvantages, if any, but it is better than pots.

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