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Are non-woven grow bags toxic?

Time:2021-08-10 14:15

Are non-woven grow bags toxic? Many aspects of non-woven bags are not used for packaging bags, advertising bags, these products think that they can also be used as a medium for cultivating plants such as saplings, so some people worry that seedling bags are toxic, and yes, plants also have Carrying toxicity. General regular manufacturers of seedling bags is no problem. You can test the specifics. How to test?
non-woven grow bags
Are non-woven grow bags toxic?
Sensory test method: non-toxic non-woven bags are milky white, translucent or colorless transparent, elastic, smooth to the touch, waxy outside; toxic non-woven bags are cloudy or yellowish in color, sticky to the touch.
Water detection method: the non-woven bags into the water, pressed into the water bottom. Non-toxic non-woven bags have a small specific gravity, can surface. Toxic non-woven bags are larger than it, sinking. Shaking detection method: hold one end of the non-woven bag with your hand and shake it hard. Loud non-toxic; dull sound is toxic.
Fire detection method: non-toxic polyethylene non-woven bags are flammable, the flame is blue, the upper end is yellow, white wax smell, almost no smoke; toxic PVC non-woven bags are not flammable, immediately extinguished after leaving the fire. Yellow, green at the bottom, softened and drawn, with a pungent smell of hydrochloric acid.
Production of environmentally friendly bags materials today, we use the so-called "environmentally friendly cloth bags" are broadly divided into the following categories: 
1, non-woven bags (in the case of repeated use, only the use of this cycle can be called environmentally friendly).
2. canvas bags (compared to other materials, the most environmentally friendly, non-polluting situation).